Zango 8000 Introduces Houses Available for Sale

The then Chief Operating Officer of SONIP, Orlando Veloso, visited a few new cities being built in the country’s capital, including “Zango 8 Thousand,” “KK 5 Thousand” and “CIF 5 Thousand,” totalling eighteen thousand houses.

This year, at least 2600 of the eight thousand houses built in Zango are starting to sell. After completion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the remaining 8,000 houses in Zango 0, Zango Intermédio and Zango will be ready for sale in the second phase.

At this stage, Zango 0 has 400 residences for sale. At the beginning of these houses ‘ sales, which is expected to take place next October, there is currently no definitive date.

In the case of Intermediate Zango, there is already a housing demand and a plan to build up to three floors with public-private partnerships, as the government remains only the placement of the asphalt carpet and covers the sewage network.

More inspection is promised in terms of continuing the embargoed works in the Intermediate Zango, fighting against these practices and avoiding future issues.

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