Transformation of SONIP House Trading Operations

The CEO of SONIP, Orlando Veloso, declared a visit on Sunday in Luanda to the three new cities under development in the capital of the country, namely “Zango Eight Thousand”, “KK Five Thousand” and “CIF Five Thousand”, in total of 18,000 residences.

The three housing projects include the construction of primary and secondary schools, pre-schools, water systems, catchment facilities, electricity stations, as well as social care and/or public organizations reserved areas and other private investment facilities.

Orlando Veloso spoke with the media and said that registrations for the sale of a house were not yet open, but the primary concern was of those who had paid for the houses, particularly those in Luanda, will be based on new criteria to be announced.

He said the new buildings are part of the program of Angolan government to build houses in the different provinces of the country to address housing issues that hit many families, regardless of their social status and professional class.

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