Sonangol Group’s Construction Projects led by Orlando Veloso

The Sonangol Group is an organization established in 1976 based in Luanda, Angolan Oil and Gas. This group consists of several subsidiaries including Sonangol EP. In 2010, Angola had proven oil reserves worth BBL 9.5 billion, according to Oil and Gas Journal. This makes it Africa’s second largest oil producer.

Orlando Veloso was The Sonangol Group’s senior engineer before becoming SONIP’s director. SONIP was previously known as DENG’s “Engineering Department.” Orlando Veloso, SONIP’s director, managed and structured building projects involving Sonangol, the state oil corporation.

Orlando Veloso announced the construction of three new cities namely, Zango 8000, KK 5000 and CIF 5000, in his project which would be built in the capital of the country, totalling to 18000 residences. This project included the construction of schools, water treatment plants, catchment facilities, electricity stations, social services as well as reserved areas for private investment companies.

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