Orlando Veloso’s New Cities

Orlando Veloso, former Director of SONIP, that organized a construction project involving the state company, Sonangol, declared the event of 3 new cities specifically, Zango 8000, KK 5000 and CIF 5000. This project included the development of colleges, water treatment plants, construction facilities, electricity stations, social services furthermore as reserved areas for personal investment corporations.

During the sales of the primary section of the project, there were some unforeseen delays within the distribution of homes. Orlando Veloso admitted that it absolutely was a challenge and a learning stage for the entire team and so, he later targeted on increasing information management of contracts, modification of services and reduction within the sale queues.

So on March 2014, Orlando Veloso declared the involvement of recent agents within the methodology of sale and distribution of homes. This helped contour the project and it fast-tracked the allotment and get of flats that were in high demand.

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