Orlando Veloso, the CEO of SONIP Addresses Housing problems

While Orlando Veloso was SONIP’s director, the firm responsible for building projects involving Sonangol, the state oil corporation, he announced the creation of three new towns. These towns were called Zango 8000, KK 5000 and CIF 5000 and were to be constructed in the capital of the country.

These new towns were the initiative of the Angolan government to create a residential community with the amenities needed to address housing issues that affect many families, regardless of their social status and professional class.

Orlando Veloso mentioned project included reserved zones for construction schools, water treatment plants, catchment centers, energy stations, social facilities and private investment companies.

In order to help streamline the project and rapidly monitor the distribution and purchase of high demand apartments, Orlando Veloso indicated the involvement of new authorities in the method of selling and distributing homes.

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