New Agents in House Sale Operations

SONIP carried out a strategy re-adjustment process where they will involve a number of new agents in the sales and distribution of houses.

Orlando Veloso the then chairman of the Executive Commission of Sonangol’s estate management company (SONIP) on March, 2014 revealed that SONIP will involve new agents in the process of sale and distribution of houses of the new cities under construction around the country.

“We believe that we will not make the same mistakes in the first phase, which was for us a challenge and a learning stage. Therefore we believe that this time we will have the opportunity to correct many of the mistakes made”, he said.

This move, according to Orlando Veloso is largely focused on increasing the control of information about all contracts, decentralize the services and reduce bureaucracy and queues during sales.  The reason for bringing about this change was to avoid mistakes made during the first phase of the sale.

One other reason for the inclusion of external actors is the high demand of apartments and the sheer number of apartment blocks that were put up for sale in the year 2014 in Luanda and Cabinda.

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