Development of Latest Cities – Zango, KK and CIF

The statement was issued on March 2014 in Luanda by the Chairman of the SONIP Committee Chief, Orlando Veloso, who paid a visit to the new cities under construction in the country’s capital, “Zango oito mil (Zango 8 Thousand)”, “KK cinco mil (KK 5 Thousand)” and “CIF cinco mil (CIF 5 Thousand)”,with a total of 18,000 houses in particular.

The Zango’s new location is being built on an area of 416 hectares. It includes eight thousand combined model economic units, including 2,780 single-family homes (including twin houses) and 5,220 buildings.

Contrary to this public housing, the “KK 5000” occupies a 75-hectare area and is characterized as a public housing consisting of 188 buildings, over a total of 5,000 flats, distributed by 2 blocks.

Diversely, the “Cif-5,000,” jointly placed close to Kilamba’s position, includes the development of 5,000 residences, and in June 2012, the same as “Zango Eight,000” began to be built.

The 3 residential properties consist of the construction of primary and secondary schools, preschools, water treatment facilities, building centers, electricity networks, as well as areas reserved for social services and/or public establishments and others on the personal investment market.

The initial range encompasses 710 buildings, 24 creches, 9 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, and 50 km of roads. The development was intended to be created in 3 phases, with a total of 82,000 flats in a 54 sq area. Kilometers.

The KK will be the primary city to be completely finished, in order to benefit a portion of citizens who have already paid the state and are waiting for the housing, by SONIP chief commission chairman Orlando Veloso.

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